ClickForms 8.2.2

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.2.2
Release Date: April 29, 2016
Download Link: Download Now


Create a Sale Map in ClickForms

There is a new “Tool” item for creating a sale map.  This will open a new window similar to the map view available in DataLog.  It will show a map with any sales that are imported into the ClickForms report.  To use the feature make sure you have an exhibit cell selected and sales pulled into the report.  You can use the “d” or “i” numbers or add sales sheets and your sales will automatically be added to the map.


8.2.2_UCAF LibraryUCAF Forms

A new folder has been added to the forms library for “UCAF Forms”.   UCAF stands for the “Uniform Component Appraisal Forms”.  These forms were developed with input from several Farm Credit associations in California to help meet the needs of their market.  They are designed as a complete set of approaches.  Although these forms are in their own folder they can still be used in combination with other forms in the forms library.

Collateral Evaluation – Summary Statistics Import

Under the Analyze Sales menu in DataLog a new option “Collateral Evaluation” is available.  This is a one screen overview showing summary statistics for the active sales.  A new form “Condensed Summary\FCBT\FCBT Comparable Sales Range” can be used to import the data presented in the Collateral Evaluation DataLog report into ClickForms.

8.2.2_PDFPreferencesPDF Options

ClickForms has traditionally set read only protections on generated PDF files.  This can interfere with the needs of document storage and signing systems that many customers are now using.  Users can set different defaults for the PDF creations screen.  These options can be set under the “PDF Creator” section of the ClickForms Preferences screen.


Other New Features

  • Reworked the “Saved Comments” add/edit/import screens to allow comment categories.
  • Show DataLog saved responses on corresponding fields in ClickForms.
  • Added new option to “Use Arial Font” on fields. This is useful for making label fields match other form formatting.
  • Titles in all caps will be converted to mixed case for the table of contents name.


  • Fixed issue where text wrap was not updated in a Multi-line cell when the font size was changed.
  • Fixed issue where text was not correctly showing in red when too large to fit.
  • Fixed MAPI integration for e-mail documents directly from ClickForms.

ClickForms 8.0.1

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.0.1 – Release Notes
Release Date: January 12, 2016
Download Link: Download Now



  • There is a new icon for AgWare ClickForms

CF8-New Icon

  • The “Eagle Head” application button was removed, and the associated options were moved to the File menu, which has returned; this is similar to the current MS Office layout

eaglehead old - File menu new


File menu options

  • With the new version of ClickForms, saved files have a new file extension: “.clkx”; users will be prompted with a message prior to saving changes to files created in previous versions

CF8 Save Message

  • Three FAMC forms were updated with the most recent changes: Summary 1027A; Environmental Disclosure 1010A; Irrigation & Drainage 1013A. One notable change for report content requirements found on the Summary 1027A form Property Data section for Location, is that the GPS reference now must be included/addressed. Previously, this was conditional on availability.
  • There are two new exhibit forms designed to accommodate images of spreadsheet data (non-editable) for purpose of comparison (horizontal/vertical layouts); comment fields are included


newforms2       newforms3

  • Live spellcheck is a new option for all cells and is visible in the active cell only. Enable/disable the spellcheck feature as desired; click File and then Preferences; follow 1-4 as shown

file to preferences    spellcheck1-4

  • The average for Column 1, Dry Crop or Tillable Land for IRS Form 2032 is now calculating correctly
  • Added two missing IDs for Rural and Federal Rural Executive Summary Forms

missing IDs

  • The “Sale #10” column label is more visible on both the Cost and Sales Comparison Approach 6-10 pages

DataLog 4.1.6

Version: AgWare DataLog 4.1.6 – Release Notes
Release Date: October 19, 2015
Download Link: Download Now


  • Fix drag/drop issues from Outlook to DataLog
  • On the Show All template, Sale Comparison Comments were in the Utilities field by mistake
  • Make the scroll bar fully visible on search screens.

DataLog 4.1.5

Version: AgWare DataLog 4.1.5 – Release Notes
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Download Link: Download Now

New/Updated Items
  • Removed the prompt “The File contains Blank Rows” when starting an Excel conversion.
  • Updated the drag and drop icon.
  • The statistics grid is now included when printing the Collateral Evaluation grid.
  • On the Range Entry Setup section, the current date range now defaults to the current date range instead of the oldest.
  • New gross and net acres columns for the blocks grid of the permanent plantings section.
  • New weighted summary tab in the permanent plantings section.
  • Support land value calculation option dropdown was added to the permanent plantings section.
  • Updated the Windows 8 start tiles to have a grey background color.
  • New Permanent Planting sale template was added.
  • Updated the existing Show All and Extra Pages templates to show the new permanent planting summary table as well as the new gross and net acres fields.
  • Made the version label bigger on the splash screen to accommodate longer version numbers.
  • Adding attachments during an Excel conversion only worked if the “Update Existing” option was checked.
  • Ignore response files that have a size of zero.
  • After deleting a sale from the enterprise database the grid would not focus correctly.
  • Starting a drag and drop operation in DataLog cleared the clipboard.
  • Unselecting selected sales in the DataLog sales grid was difficult.
  • The copy image button now works for all file types, not just .png and .pdf.
  • Fixed an error in the SaleGridPasteSaleUpdate event.
  • When sorting the rule set rules by name, it wasn’t sorting by name correctly.
  • .kmz is now a safe file attachment.
  • Uploading bug reports directly now instead of through email provider.
  • If you added a date range in the Range Entry setup section, the program would get locked on this section.
  • Fixed the bug when closing out of a server response window with unposted changes made in the grid.
  • The expand all option for Rule Sets was not working.
  • When opening an old spreadsheet that uses the Excel Add-In feature in DataLog 4.0+, the DataLogLookup function was invalid.
  • Collation was case sensitive in the DataLog cache.
  • Redirected the Join Online Meeting link to an AgWare link rather than a direct GoToMeeting link.
  • When you have the zoom on the sale editor set to medium or large, the dropdowns are now automatically resized to fit the width of the text.
  • Adjust Permanent Planting Summary table to reflect the current zoom level.
  • Fixed drag and drop issues where the sales would move rather than copy to the desktop and email messages.
  • Fixed drag and drop sales issue between DataLog and ClickForms.
  • Fixed a bug on the Show All template where deeded acres was showing up in the eighth land row total land value column.
  • Fixed issue that prevented DataLog from starting when a cache was not present.

August 2015 Newsletter

Windows Support
AgWare has been testing Windows 10 since it released on July 29, and we’re happy to announce that we have found no major compatibility issues with AgWare DataLog and AgWare ClickForms. We found one minor issue with the folder tree spacing that will be fixed in a future release.

Final DataLog release for Windows XP
DataLog 4.1 will be the last fully supported version for XP, and we will not be testing future UAAR versions on XP. If you have any questions regarding discontinued XP support, please don’t hesitate to let us know. AgWare will continue to support Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

New DataLog Version
DataLog 4.1.5 is now available for download on our website. This version fixes how we load the configuration defaults. If you upgrade from a 3. software verison directly to 4.1.5, no action is required to fix the improvement configuration defaults. However, if you upgrade from a 4. software version to 4.1.5, you will need to go into the improvement input methods and reset how your effective age is calculated (see screenshot below). To access the improvement input methods screen, open a sale, go to the improvements analysis section, click the improvement options button, and choose input method. Once the input method window appears choose your desired method and click OK. You will only need to do this once as the program will remember your setting. We apologize for any inconvenience this bug has caused.

Annual Meeting and Training Class
AgWare will be holding its annual user’s meeting this year in San Antonio, Texas at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in conjunction with the ASFMRA National Meeting. The annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at the RW Pavilion from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. After our user’s meeting the ASFMRA meeting kicks off with the “Welcome to Texas Dinner” at the National Shooting Complex from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. If you have never been to an ASFMRA chapter welcome dinner they are a great time and we highly recommend attending. There will be buses from the hotel to the dinner for those interested. To register for the user’s meeting, please email AgWare and let us know the names of all attendees in your party. To register for the ASFMRA chapter dinner you need to add the Welcome Dinner option to your Agri-Nomics Registration.

AgWare will also be offering a free “Back to the Basics” seven hour training course at the ASFMRA National Meeting in San Antonio. This course will be held on Thursday, October 29, 2015 from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm in the Uvalde AB room. Back to Basics is a beginner-level course that provides the participant with introductory concepts, basic skills experiences, and the opportunity to build confidence in using AgWare agricultural appraisal software to create UAAR format reports. Each user needs to bring their laptop to the course with AgWare DataLog and AgWare ClickForms installed. ASFMRA is handling all registration for the Back to Basics class. Please visit the ASFMRA website to register for the class, or for more information on the Agri-Nomics meeting.

2016 Maintenance Price Adjustment
To enable us to keep enhancing and improving the UAAR system, Agware will be implementing an approximate 4% increase on all maintenance levels starting July 1, 2016. Here is a breakdown of the 2016 fees:

  • Product Type
  • Enterprise License
  • Small Business License
  • Standard License
  • Enterprise Evaluators
  • Small Business Non-user
  • Maintenance Price Per User
  • $940.00
  • $675.00
  • $545.00
  • $470.00
  • $210.00

Thank you for choosing AgWare! Please contact us at 605.787.7871 or with any questions or to unsubscribe from the newsletter.