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To use a USB/jump drive to copy or move DataLog sales or AgWare ClickForms report files from one computer to the other follow these steps:

On the original computer copy/move the entire My Sales or the entire Reports folders to the USB. (AgWare ALWAYS recommends making a copy just in case).


Copy/move individual sales or report files found within the My Sales or Reports folders, to the USB.

Insert the USB drive into the new computer (AgWare software should already  be installed).

Paste the copied file(s) or move the My Sales/Reports folder or selected files to the correct destination folder*:


*If you try to paste/move an entire folder into the folder named identically, you will corrupt the configuration pathway, and the software will not be able to open your files.

To copy ALL AGWARE SALES & REPORT FILES, copy the entire My UAAR folder and paste it into the My Documents folder on the destination device.

If in doubt or in need of assistance, please CONTACT US 605.787.7871.

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