ClickForms 9.0.3

Version: AgWare ClickForms 9.0.3
Release Date: December 06, 2018
Download Link: Download Now


  • Added the ability to resize textboxes when more than one textbox is on a form. A video demonstration of this feature can be seen at
  • Added a “Dual Indent” button for Word Processor page.


  • Fixed multiple DPI items making ClickForms work better with high resolution monitors.
  • Fixed issue: When ClickForms zoom is set to anything higher than 100% the text redraws all lines and cannot keep up with typing speed.
  • Fixed issue: When saved comments are used on a Word processor page it is resetting the font instead of using the current font.
  • Fixed issue: Pasting a bulleted list from Word, the bullets move outside the word processor boundaries.
  • Fixed issue: If a word processor page is active, and scrolled down to a different word processor page, clicking in the page is disabled. ClickForms jumps back to the first page.
  • Changed Word Processor dialog to be in inches instead of centimeters.

ClickForms 8.6.9

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.6.9
Release Date: August 22, 2018
Download Link: Download Now


  • Added new “Medium” SARR forms and templates.


  • Fix SARR-Long template to use form that has missing check boxes added. New template is called “Full” to match forms.
  • Fixed misspelling on new SARR medium forms.

ClickForms 8.6.7

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.6.7
Release Date: May 21, 2018
Download Link: Download Now


  • Fixed issue with Maps displaying a message stating the browser is not supported.

ClickForms 8.6.5

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.6.5
Release Date: April 27, 2018
Download Link: Download Now


  • Corrected issue with Word Processor forms would not automatically add additional forms after second page.
  • Updated the UCAF Definitions form to reflect USPAP 2018-2019.
  • Fixed issue with invalid characters from being added to comment blocks when formatted text is copied and pasted.

ClickForms 8.6.3

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.6.3
Release Date: March 30, 2018
Download Link: Download Now


  • Corrected issue with Improvements where total External Obsolescence percentage was not correctly calculating when there were more than 10 improvements.
  • Corrected FCBT Sales Approach (Grid). to have the $ populate in the Value per Acre rather than Net Acres.
  • Fixed a comment cell in the FCBT Sales Approach (Range).