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Reimport Sales

Reimport Sales This feature allows you to reimport a sale into ClickForms after editing and saving a sale in DataLog. Previously, after editing/saving a sale in DataLog, the sale had to be manually deleted from ClickForms and the sale(s) had to be reimported. The sale(s) would need to be renumbered and reentered on the approach […]

ClickForms 8.6.2

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.6.2 Release Date: March 6, 2018 Download Link: Download Now New/Updated: Updated Sections to work with all forms. There is a Sections tutorial video at https://uaar.net/help/sections/ Added a sale override feature. There is a Sale Override tutorial video at https://uaar.net/help/sale-override-video/ Added a Reimport Sales button. Added a new Form FCBT Sales Approach […]

Sale Override Video

Sale Override Video Script This tutorial video will show how to use the sale override feature. This feature is handy for redacting information on a sale. Grantor, Grantee, Legal Description, Tax ID etc. To use sale override, I will click on File and select preferences. In the preferences popup I will click on the Sale […]


Sections Sections can be used when creating a multi-tract or as-is/as-proposed report. The Forms Library does have a Section Divider page.  However, any form can be used to start a new section. To Start a new section, select the page that you want to start the new section right click on the page in the […]

DataLog 5.0.9

Version: AgWare DataLog 5.0.9 Release Date: Download Link: Download Now   New/Updated: Improvement Range Report – Changed Jump to “high/low” menu option to use $/Unit instead of total. Added additional items to the map sales report callout details. Fixes/Corrections: Fixed issue with Maps displaying a message stating the browser is not supported. Fixed issue that when performing […]