Insert a PDF

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The most expedient method for inserting a PDF is to use the PDF button from the Insert group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

Read on, or watch the Insert PDF tutorial video.

It will open a window where the desired PDF can be selected from any location in the computer directory:

Select the PDF and click the Open button.

The next window includes options for selecting the desired pages and choosing their specific destination.

The example shows the following information:

If all 40 pages are desired and the preference is for each page to be pasted into its own exhibit page with a title box, the next step would be to click Insert.

If select sequential pages are desired, that change would be made here:

To change the Exhibit page format choose from only the New Exhibit options, NOT the cell option:

Click the Insert button; the PDF as configured will be inserted into the report at the bottom of the Forms Manager.