Clone a Report - Tutorial Video

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Cloning a Report

Hello, and welcome to the AgWare ClickFORMS clone a report tutorial video.  In this video I will tell you the steps to take to clone an appraisal report, and why someone might want to do this.  

There may be times when an appraiser wishes to use an existing report as the basis for a new one.  You can do this one of two ways – save as or clone a report.  AgWare always recommends that you utilize the new as clone feature, because it ensures that the original report will not be altered in any way or “accidentally” overwritten.  

To clone a report, click on the eagle head button in the ClickFORMS software and click on new as clone.  This will open a directory allowing you to choose the report to clone from.  Select the report and click open.  You will notice that the original file name will have changed to “untitled container”.  After you see that the file name has changed, it’s always a good idea to go ahead and save the report with a new name.  Any changes that are made to a cloned report will not affect or alter the original report.  

To recap, AgWare always recommends that you use the new as clone feature rather than using the save as function.  You can create a cloned report, by going to the eaglehead button and clicking new as clone.  It is important that you review all aspects of your cloned report, because the software will not strip out any data.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you today.  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 605-787-7871, or send an email to  Thank you for taking the time to view this online video, and thank you for choosing the AgWare software.