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UCAF Training Course at ASFMRA National Meeting

The Uniform Component Appraisal Forms training course will be held at the ASFMRA National Meeting in Indian Wells, CA on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  To register for the course, please visit the ASFMRA website.  This will be a hands on training course, so AgWare recommends bringing a laptop with the latest DataLog and ClickForms versions.

UAAR Annual User’s Meeting

This year we will hold our UAAR User Meeting in conjunction with the national ASFMRA conference in Indian Wells, CA on Wednesday, November 9th.

For those of you that have attended before we are completely changing the format. Instead of discussing a list of issues we are going to have a “Fix Blitz”. Over the day we will complete as many fixes and new features as possible. The very popular ASFMRA Rapid Fire Case Study session is being held at the same time. You will be able to attend that session and still stop in the AgWare room to check on our progress and vote on which issues we should work on that day. Some issues are obviously larger and cannot be completed in a single day. We will allow users to rate issues that can be completed in an hour or less and we will have three programmers working on the changes. Work will start at 6:30 am and continue until the Trade Show opens at 5:00.

Can’t attend? No problem. You will be able to call and check on our status and suggest or vote on issues. Details on how to see our progress will be sent out closer to the meeting.

Thoughts or suggestions for the Fix Blitz? Please call or e-mail Mark Elder (Mark.Elder@uaar.net or 605-787-7871)

Issues submitted are being tracked in an online system called Trello.  Everyone can view the issues online.  If you signup for an account you can even comment or vote for specific issues.

AgWare provides rural appraisers a complete software suite consisting of two separate but integrated products:

AgWare DataLog: The Comparable Sales Database

  • Organize, manage, and analyze comparable sales; create trend reports
  • Attach and embed documents, images, and maps
  • Create composite sales maps
  • Transfer sales directly into AgWare ClickForms appraisal reports
  • File sharing options

AgWare ClickForms: The Appraisal Report Processor

  • UAAR ® (Uniform Agricultural Appraisal Report) and UCRR ® (Uniform Country Residential Report) styles
  • Choose from various formats and more than 300 forms
  • Use default templates or customize your own
  • Narrative format option with word processing
  • Create/Send PDFS


Having a support issue? Call us and when directed to do so, users can click the Meet Now button for AgWare on-line technical support.